Urgent eTA Canada

Starting an urgent eTA Canada application

Applying for an urgent eTA Canada is recommended if you are boarding your plane within 72 hours or want to check in baggage for a flight to Canada. An urgent application is generally approved within 10 to 20 minutes. In exceptional cases, this can take a maximum of 72 hours (97% of all applications are approved within 20 minutes).

Flying to Canada within 72 hours?

Then it is recommended to submit an urgent applications for the eTA Canada. It does not matter if you are going on a holiday or a business trip. The eTA is a mandatory travel authorisation for Canada, without a valid eTA or a visa you will not be allowed to board flights to Canada. You can submit the urgent application through the button below. Next, you can check the "Urgent" option in the application form.

How long does approval take with urgent applications?

An eTA is granted the fastest through an urgent application. Your application is then pushed to the front of the queue in the system of the Canadian immigration service. A minor delay can occur if the automatic issuing system assesses that your application needs to be manually checked by a customs clerk, which can take up to a maximum of 72 hours.

Approved urgent applications are shared right away with your airline and Canadian customs.

What is the surcharge for an urgent eTA application?

The regular cost of applying for an eTA is £29,95. If you indicate in the application form that you wish to have your eTA assessed with urgency, a surcharge of £17,50 per traveller is added. You can use your preferred payment method to pay for the cost, without any additional transaction costs. Payment by bank transfer is not possible with urgent applications because of the longer processing time of this payment method.

Can I apply for an urgent visa?

Aside from the eTA, visas can also be delivered with urgency, but issuing of visas always takes a few days, even with urgent applications. Are you travelling to Canada to stay there for less than 6 months? Then you probably do not need a visa and an eTA will suffice, which can be delivered with urgency. Are you hesitating whether you need a visa or an eta for your trip to Canada? Read the article Visa or eTA Canada.

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Approved, what then?

Your urgent application will be processed as soon as you have filled in the application form and made the payment. On average, an urgent application is approved 18 minutes after applying. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of this. The approved eTA is also immediately linked to your passport (requirements). It is therefore not necessary to print your eTA or confirmation e-mail. When you wish to board, or check in your baggage, you might be asked for a "J-number". This number can be found in the confirmation e-mail.

Summary urgent procedure eTA Canada

  • Surcharge urgent application: £17,50
  • Delivery time: average 1 hour
  • Confirmation by e-mail
  • Printing not necessary (digital passport link)