eTA Canada application

Submitting an eTA Canada application

Planning a trip to Canada? Then apply for an eTA in time. This travel authorisation is required for holidays, business trips and stopovers in Canada. The application process is completely online and consists of filling out a short application form. Your application will then be processed automatically, and you will only have to wait until it is approved.

Requirements for the eTA Canada:

  • You are travelling to Canada by air
  • You will be staying in Canada for less than six months
  • You have a business or tourist purpose
  • You are not (or no longer) registered as a Canadian citizen
  • You hold a passport from a visa exempt country (including the UK and Ireland
  • You meet the other eTA requirements

How to apply

The eTA Canada can be applied for by using a simple online application form. You will be asked for your passport details and some travel information. Filling out the form usually only takes a few minutes and you can add multiple travellers to one form to save time. You can open the form by clicking on the following button.

Coronavirus in Canada

Canada implemented several measures against the coronavirus (COVID-19). This may affect your travel plans and your eligibility for the eTA.

No visa required with an eTA

Canada has marked a number of countries as visa exempt. Travellers with a passport from one of these countries may travel to Canada without a visa if they are in possession of a valid eTA Canada. Do you have a passport from the United Kingdom or Ireland? Then you can travel to Canada visa-free with an eTA.

Flying to Canada with children

Planning a family holiday in Canada with children? Every person flying to Canada, including children, requires a valid travel authorisation. In order to apply for an eTA, children must also have their own passport. So apply for a passport for each traveller first and then submit the eTA application. Are one or more of the parents or persons with parental authority not travelling with you? Then you must bring a consent form signed by both parents/all persons with parental authority.

Questions about applying for an eTA

Are you looking for more information about the eTA application? Then check the frequently asked questions about applying for an eTA. On that page you will find an answer to most questions regarding the eTA. Are you unable to find an answer to your question? Please contact the Canadian embassy or e-Visa.

Average approval time

After you have filled in the eTA application form and completed the payment, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. This email contains a link to your personal status page where you can check the status of your application at any time. Most eTA applications are approved within 3 to 5 days, but in some cases delays may occur, for example due to a random extended check. You will receive an email once your eTA has been granted. From that moment on, the travel authorisation is electronically linked to your passport, and you can check in for your flight to Canada. You do not need to print out the eTA, as your airline and the Canadian authorities can tell from your passport that you have a valid travel authorisation. In some cases, it may take up to 15 minutes for your airline to recognise that the eTA has been granted.

Urgent application

If you need the eTA Canada on short notice, for example because you are flying to Canada unexpectedly, you can also submit an urgent application Urgent applications are processed immediately and will usually be granted and delivered within 20 minutes. Do you want to submit an urgent request? Use the regular application form and check the “Urgent Delivery” box. For urgent deliveries, a surcharge of £17,50 applies. Take note: even with urgent applications, delays may occur in rare cases. The delivery times stated are averages and not guarantees.

Apply digitally 24 hours a day

You can submit your application for an eTA Canada at any time and on any day. Applications are processed even on weekends and public holidays. Nevertheless, it is advisable to submit the application as early before departure as possible, as delays can always occur, for example, due to random extended checks. Since the eTA is valid for 5 years, the application can be made well in advance.