Apply for an eTA Canada

Canada eTA application

Are you flying to Canada on business or for a holiday? Then you need a valid eTA travel authorization. Even if you are passing through to another final destination. Applying can be done by filling in the online application, paying and waiting until the application is approved.

Requirements for the eTA Canada:

  • You are travelling to Canada by plane
  • You are staying in Canada for less than six months
  • Your trip has a business or tourist purpose
  • You are not registered as a Canadian citizen (anymore)
  • You possess a passport from a Visa Exempt Country (this includes the UK)
  • You meet the remaining eTA requirements

How to apply

The eTA Canada form can be filled out in a matter of minutes. To do this, you need to fill in both your personal information as well as some travel details. You can use a single form to apply for eTAs for multiple travellers at once. Open the form by pressing the button below.

No visa required with an eTA

If you possess a valid passport issued by a Visa Exempt Country, you won’t need to apply for a visa to travel to Canada. An eTA allows you to travel to Canada without a Canada visa. All British citizen passports meet this requirements.

Flying to Canada with children

Are you travelling to Canada with underage children? Then each child must apply for an eTA. To do this, each child must have their own passport. Don’t have full custody of your children? Then you need to be able to show that you have permission of the person/persons/institution that has legal custody or guardianship of the underage child.

Questions about the Canada eTA application

Do you have questions about your travel permit? You can ask your questions to the Canadian embassy or at; however, always check if your question or problem is listed at the frequently asked questions. Here you can find the answers to common questions about applying for an eTA.

Average time until granting

Right after submitting your eTA application and paying for it, it is processed. You will receive a confirmation of this by e-mail. Generally speaking, the travel permit is issued the same day. In exceptional cases, a delay of up to 72 hours can occur. As soon as you receive a message by e-mail that your eTA has been approved you can begin your trip. Your airline will use your passport to check whether an eTA has been granted. It can take up to fifteen minutes before the electronic link with your passport is in place

Urgent application

Do you need find yourself needing a last-minute eTA Canada? Then you can make use of the urgent delivery system. Granting will almost always take place within 20 minutes. You can use the regular application form to apply for an urgent eTA, simply check that you wish to make use of the urgent procedure. This is possible for an added fee of £17,50.

Apply online 24 hours a day

Applying can be done entirely online through the digital application form. You can therefore submit your application throughout the day, 7 days a week (including during the holidays). Applying at the airport is discouraged, as it can occur that an application is manually checked, which can cause delays. Start your Canada eTA application on time for a problem-free trip to Canada