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eTA Canada – the mandatory travel authorisation for Canada

The eTA Canada is an electronic travel authorisation that allows travellers to travel to Canada without a visa. On this website, you can read all about the eTA Canada and how to apply for it. Please also note the current measures regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19).

What is an eTA Canada?

Most countries, including Canada, have a visa requirement for foreign travellers. In order to comply with this visa requirement, travellers often have to hand in their passport at the embassy and wait several weeks for the visa to be granted. However, Canada also has an electronic travel authorisation that makes it easier to meet the visa requirement. The so-called eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) can be fully applied for online and allows travellers to travel to Canada without a visa. An eTA Canada can be applied for by travellers holding a passport from a limited number of countries, including the UK and Ireland. The eTA is suitable for a holiday, business trip or a layover in Canada. Visiting family or friends in Canada is also allowed.

Do I need to apply for an eTA Canada?

Most travellers need an eTA to travel to Canada without a visa. The only exceptions are those who live in Canada and those holding a US passport. Also, people who have previously lived in Canada cannot always apply for an eTA. Furthermore, people with a Permanent Resident or Landed Immigrant status usually cannot apply for an eTA for Canada. Does this apply to you? Please check the terms and requirements of the eTA before applying.

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How do I obtain an eTA?

The eTA application consists of filling in an online form and paying the corresponding fees. In the form, passport details and some travel information must be filled in. The whole process can be completed within five to ten minutes. You are advised to fill in all details carefully, as any error in filling in the form may result in an invalid eTA. Once you have completed the form and paid the fee, the application will be processed. From this point on, it takes an average of three to five days for the eTA to be granted or rejected. If you apply for the eTA urgently, the application will be approved in an average of 18 minutes. As the system is fully automated, eTA applications are also processed at night, at weekends and on public holidays. In some cases, the system reports that a manual inspection of the application is required, which may cause delays in rare cases. This also applies to urgent applications.

The eTA can be applied for easily by filling in the application form, paying and waiting for it to be granted automatically.

How much does an eTA cost?

The costs for an eTA are £29,95 per person. You can pay the costs safely with iDeal or Bancontact and there is also the possibility to pay through PayPal, credit card or Trustly. None of these payment methods involve transaction costs. In the case of an urgent delivery, a surcharge of £17,50 per traveller will apply.

Where can I find more information?

Want to know more about the different travel authorisations for Canada? On the page about eTA or Visa, you will find further explanation about the differences between these two travel authorisations. Want to make sure you qualify for an eTA? Check the requirements and the conditions for your passport. It is also useful to check the validity period of the eTA. Please refer to the frequently asked questions page for answers to all other questions related to travelling with an eTA.

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