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eTA Canada - the mandatory travel authorisation for Canada

This website offers all the information about the eTA Canada. This website can also be used to apply for an eTA Canada. This way you can go on your holiday or business trip to Canada without worry, or travel through Canada to your final destination. Also read about the temporary restrictions set to usage of an eTA as a result of the coronavirus.

What is an eTA Canada?

eTA stands for Electronic Travel Authorization and is mandatory for travellers headed to Canada. The eTA Canada is a travel permit that is issued by the Canadian government and is fit for business trips and holidays to Canada. This includes visiting family and friends in Canada. The purposes of the eTA is to increase the safety and security of Canada, allowing the country to prevent unwanted travellers from entering.

Do I need to apply for an eTA Canada?

If you live or have ever lived in Canada, you likely will not need to apply for an eTA. Applying for an eTA is also not necessary for travellers that posses an American passport. In all other cases, possessing this travel authorisation is mandatory if you wish to travel to Canada without a visa. Have you ever lived in Canada, or have you ever held the status of Permanent Resident or Landed Immigrant? Then you likely cannot apply for an eTA. Read more about this on the page with the eTA requirements.

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How do I get an eTA?

A Canada eTA application can be easily submitted by filling in the application form, paying and then waiting until it is automatically granted. The form can be filled out in five minutes if the applicant has all the required information at hand. Next, the application is processed, and in urgent cases often approved within 18 minutes. 97% of the cases proceed without delays, but in rare cases (including with urgent applications) it can occur than an application is processed for up to 72 hours. This can happen if the Canadian customs' automatic allocation system decides that an application has to be checked manually by a customs official.

The eTA can be easily applied for by filling in the application form, paying and then waiting until it is automatically granted.

What does an eTA Canada cost?

This travel authorisation costs £19,95 per person. The costs can be paid for through Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. Regardless of the payment method chosen, no additional surcharges of any kind are charged. You can also submit an urgent application, for an added fee of £17,50 per person.

Where can I find more explanation?

Are you hesitating whether you can travel to Canada with an eTA or if you need a visa instead? Read the page eTA or Visa. A number of requirements are tied to usage of this online travel authorisation, also read more about the requirements. The passport also needs to meet certain requirements. Do you wish to know more about the validity duration? Read more about the validity here. Do you have other questions? Read the frequently asked questions about this travel authorisation.

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