Do I need an eTA?

Do I need an eTA Canada?

British travellers headed to Canada generally do not need to apply for a visa. This is because the UK falls under the visa exempt countries. However, they do require an eTA Canada to fly to Canada.

eTA Required?

British travellers need an eTA Canada to go to Canada by plane. There are a number of exceptions, the most common one being already possessing a visa for Canada. If you have a visa, you do not need to apply for an eTA Canada. This is because a visa automatically comes with an eTA, oftentimes without the traveller knowing. The eTA is processed digitally by the Canadian government, and the airline checks during boarding if each traveller possesses a valid eTA.

British travellers (with a valid passport) need this travel authorisation to fly to Canada.

Not required?

There are five exceptions that allow you to travel to Canada without an eTA.

Arriving by boat or by land

The eTA Canada is only required if you are arriving in Canada by plane. Are you travelling by boat, car, or otherwise by land or sea? Then it is not necessary to submit an application.

Holders of a visa for Canada

Strictly speaking, even travellers with a Canadian visa need an eTA. However, this is automatically issued alongside the visa. Has the visa not expired yet, but the linked eTA has? Then even holders of a visa need to apply for a new eTA.

Travellers that live or have lived in Canada

Firstly, people that hold the Canadian nationality; everyone that owns a Canadian passport does not need an eTA. Travellers that have ever lived in Canada and have never officially cancelled their citizen status also do not need an eTA; they can apply for a Canadian passport, Permanent Resident Card or Permanent Resident Travel Document.

Canadese Natuur


Diplomats working in Canada also do not need an eTA, they only need to present their diplomatic passport.

Cabin staff

Cabin staff on flights to or from Canada do not need an eTA.

Apply for eTA

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