eTA Canada

The eTA Canada

Are you a British citizen travelling to Canada on business or for tourism? Then you are required to apply for a visa or eTA Canada before departure. Without a valid visa or eTA you will not be allowed to board any planes headed to Canada.

Summary of the eTA:

What is an eTA?

The eTA Canada is the travel authorisation which you need to travel to Canada. You need to apply for your eTA before departure, which can be done entirely online. eTA is an abbreviation and stands for Electronic Travel Authorisation. It is issues by the Canadian government to travellers headed to Canada who possess a passport issued by one of the so called "visa exempt countries". This includes the UK. Those who hold an eTA can travel to Canada without a visa. Applying for an eTA Canada is cheaper, easier and faster than getting a visa. An eTA can be applied for entirely online. With the introduction of the eTA, a visa for Canada is only required for travellers wishing to stay in Canada for longer than six months, that wish to study in Canada or that want to enter into employment with a Canadian employer.

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The procedure

You can apply for your eTA online through the digital eTA form. Generally, the eTA is granted within a day, although approval can take up to three days in exceptional cases. This mainly happens if the automated application system decides that an application needs to be manually checked by a customs employee of the Canadian government. After an eTA application is approved the applicant immediately receives an e-mail with the confirmation. From that moment onward, you can check in for your flight to Canada and you will be allowed to board the plane.

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Applying for the eTA is cheaper, easier and faster than getting a visa.

Avoid delays during a Canada eTA application

Generally speaking, applications for the eTA Canada are not rejected, unless the Canadian government suspects that the traveller poses a threat to the safety and law enforcement of Canada. However, most rejected eTA have a different reason: wrongly filled in application forms. An error is easily made. For instance, by wrongly writing down a passport number. Even the tiniest error can lead to your Canada eTA application being denied. This will mean you need to report at the Canadian embassy before you are issued an eTA Canada. Try to avoid this by paying close attention when filling out the application form.

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An eTA for transits in Canada

Are you flying through Canada to another country? Then you need to apply for a visa or eTA. There is no special transit eTA, you can use the regular eTA application form for this.

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Validity duration of the eTA

The eTA is issued with a validity term of five years. Does your passport expire earlier? Then the validity of the eTA expires alongside it. You need to use your new passport to apply for a new eTA before you are allowed to travel to Canada. Also keep in mind that despite the overall validity term of five years, you can only stay in Canada for six consecutive months at a time. This means that you can travel to Canada multiple times on a single eTA, provided you always leave within six months.

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The eTA is issued with a validity term of five years. Does your passport expire earlier? Then the validity of the eTA expires alongside it.

eTA Canada requirements

Travellers making use of an eTA Canada need to meet a number of requirements. For instance, the trip needs to have a business or tourist purpose. Furthermore, a maximum length of stay of six months applies. If travellers wish to enter into employment with a Canadian government or want to study in Canada, additional study or work permits are required. Travellers with a criminal record, transmittable illnesses or that have used drugs do not automatically qualify for an eTA. Finally, a number of requirements apply to the passport of the traveller, specifically the validity and the presence of a digital chip.

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Cost and payment methods

The eTA Canada cost is 19,95 per person. You do not need to pay any additional surcharges, such as transaction costs, regardless of the payment method chosen. By paying in pounds instead of Canadian dollars, you can be sure that you will not have to deal with any exchange rates. Aside from all the major credit cards, it is also possible to pay with PayPal.

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On transit to the USA?

If you are only landing in Canada to proceed onwards to the USA then you might also need an ESTA. Without an ESTA you will not be allowed into the USA. To enter the United States without a visa you will need an ESTA. This ESTA application is mandatory, otherwise you will not be allowed to board your plane to the US.