eTA Canada FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the eTA Canada

Are you travelling to Canada and do you have a question about the eTA? In this list with frequently asked questions you can find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the eTA Canada. Here you can find the answer to questions like if you need an eTA, which requirements you need to meet, and how to apply for the eTA.

Do I need an eTA Canada?

All travellers to Canada need an eTA Canada, save for a few exceptions. These exceptions apply to travellers that possess a Canadian passport, visa, or PR card, travellers that are arriving by land or by sea, diplomats, and airline cabin staff.

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How can I apply for an eTA?

This can be easily done by filling in the application form, making the payment and waiting until it is granted. Afterwards, you receive an e-mail confirmation. The eTA is generally granted within 72 hours; urgent applications are often already granted within 18 minutes.

How can I apply for an urgent eTA?

This can be done by filling in the same form and checking the option urgent. An average of 97% of all urgent applications are granted within 20 minutes.

Which requirements do I need to meet?

There are a number of requirements tied to usage of the eTA travel authorisation. The most important requirements are that you arrive by plane, that you are travelling with a business or tourist purpose, and that you will not be working or studying in Canada. If you are going to work or study in Canada you still need an eTA, but it is automatically included with a work or study permit. Submitting a seperate application is therefore not necessary.

There are also requirements tied to the eTA that revolve around risk factors, such as diseases, addictions or a criminal record. Finally, it is important that your passport meets the passport requirements.

How can I pay for my eTA?

It is possible to pay for the eTA with both credit card and PayPal. Bank transfers can lead to several days delay in the processing of the application.

How long is my eTA Canada valid for?

The eTA is valid for a maximum of 5 years after granting, or until the passport with which the eTA was applied for expires. Each stay in Canada can last a maximum of 6 months.

How long can I stay in Canada with an eTA?

You are permitted to stay in Canada for six consecutive months with an eTA. Do you want to stay longer? Apply for a visa.

Can I enter Canada multiple times with a single eTA?

Yes, during the validity term of 5 years you can travel to Canada an unlimited number of times.

Can I work in Canada with an eTA?

Making a business trip to Canada is allowed with an eTA, but entering into employment with a Canadian company is not. To work for a Canadian organisation, a work permit is required. An eTA is automatically included with a work permit. Is the work permit still valid, but the issued eTA is not? Then you can submit a separate eTA application to travel to and work in Canada.

Can I study in Canada with an eTA??

Not automatically; this requires both an eTA as well as a study permit. When receiving a study permit, an eTA is automatically issued as well. Is the study permit still valid, but the eTA is not (for example, because you acquired a new passport)? Then applying for a new eTA is sufficient to travel to and study in Canada.

Can I apply for an urgent eTA?

Yes, urgent applications are granted on average in 18 minutes. However, it might still occur that an urgent application takes up to 72 hours. The Canadian government does not offer any guarantees regarding this. Urgent application can be submitted by filling in the regular application form, and checking the "urgent" option. A surcharge of £17,50 applies for an urgent application procedure.

What do I fill in on the application form?

The form contains questions about the applicant and the traveller; it is possible to submit an application for someone else. It is also possible to arrange for eTA’s for multiple travellers at once through a single form. The questions concern contact information, passport information, employer information, and safety questions. Read more about the application form.

Can I fix a mistake in the application form?

This can be done until the moment the application has been paid for. From that moment onward, the application is processed right away and no more changes can be made. If you discover any wrongly filled in field, you can submit a new application right away. It will need to be paid for anew as well. Refunds are not possible under any circumstances.

Will I get my money back if I do not use the eTA?

No, this is not possible.

How long will it take before I receive my eTA?

All eTA applications are processed right away. Generally, this leads to an approved eTA the same day. However, it can take up to 72 hours before an eTA is granted. Therefore, it is recommended to submit the application as soon as you have decided to travel to Canada. Due to the long validity duration of five years, it is generally not a problem if the validity of an eTA starts early. Urgent applications almost always result in an approved travel authorisation within 20 minutes.

I have a transit in Canada, do I need to apply for an eTA?

Yes. Applying for an eTA is mandatory even if you are not leaving the airport during your transit in Canada. The only exceptions are for travellers that are flying through Canada to the United States, possess an ESTA and are only stopping to refuel and won’t be exiting the plane before flying onward.

My eTA application was denied, what now?

Firstly, it very rarely occurs that an eTA application is denied. Rejections can have two causes: incomplete or wrongly provided information during the application, or a decision made by Canadian customs that you pose a threat to the safety and health of Canadian citizens. In case of wrongly filled in information, it is possible to submit a new application right away.

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Do I need an eTA if I arrive in Canada by car or boat?

No, an eTA is only necessary for arrivals by plane. Depending on your travel purpose, it might still be necessary to apply for a visa to enter Canada by land or sea.

What does an eTA Canada cost?

The eTA costs £29,95 per traveller. Urgent applications come with a surcharge of £17,50 per traveller. There are no added costs of any kind, so no transaction costs, exchange rate fluctuations, service costs or anything else.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes, you can pay with both credit card and PayPal.

What requirements does my passport need to meet?

The passport must be valid for at least until one more day after leaving Canada. The passport that is being travelled with also needs to be the same passport that was used to fill in the application form. Read more about the passport requirements.

Is my eTA from a previous trip still valid?

If you eTA was granted less than five years before the end of your planned visit to Canada, and the passport you used to apply for it is also still valid for the entire trip, then the eTA can still be used.

Can I submit a group application for multiple eTAs?

Yes, during a single application multiple etAs can be applied for for several travellers at once.

Can I apply for an eTA on behalf of someone else?

Yes. However, to do this you need the passport and employer information of the traveller, as well as their permission to apply for the eTA.

Do children also need an eTA?

Yes, even if they do not possess their own passport.

Can I apply for an eTA for my child that is included in my passport?

Yes, this is mandatory.

Why do I need an eTA?

The eTA is a precautionary measure by the Canadian government to prevent any potential threats to the safety of Canada and its inhabitants from entering the country. Each application is cross-referenced with a blacklist of unwanted visitors. Furthermore, a risk profile is made based on the filled in information.

Is an eTA the same as the visa?

No. Read more about the difference between an eTA and a visa.

Do I need to print my visa and take it with me on my trip?

Strictly speaking, this is not necessary. When you want to check in your luggage for your trip to Canada, or want to board a plane headed to Canada, the airline will check whether a valid eTA was issued. If you applied for an eTA at the last moment, the airline might ask for your eTA number or J number. This number can be found in the confirmation of the approved eTA.

Is this the official website of the Canadian customs office?

The purpose of this website is to get travellers up to speed about the rules surrounding the eTA for Canada. Furthermore, visitors are offered the possibility to apply for an eTA. However, this website is in no way part of Canadian customs or the Canadian government.