eTA Canada cost

The eTA Canada cost

Right after filling in the form, the costs of the application need to be paid for. Only after completing the payment will the application be processed. It is possible to submit a regular application, but you can also use an urgent procedure

Applying for the eTA is not free. The costs are £19,95 per person. Urgent deliveries cost £17,50 extra per person. Even if a single form is used to apply for multiple eTA travel permits at once, the price person remains the same. An application does not have any additional costs, no transaction fees of any kind are charged, regardless of the chosen payment method. Payment happens in pounds instead of Canadian dollars. This has the benefit of not being influenced by exchange rates.

The total costs of the eTA are £19,95 per person, there are no additional costs, provided the eTA application is valid, you meet the eTA requirements and the application is submitted through this website.

High service costs intermediaries

There are different intermediaries active that charge higher costs, including travel bureaus. The prices vary wildly, because each company charges different service costs. This can lead to the price of an eTA being twice or even three times higher than the original price. If you apply for your eTA through this website, you only pay £19,95. Applying only consists of filling in the digital form and paying the costs.

Canadian money

Flying to Canada today or tomorrow and still didn’t apply for an eTA? Use the urgent procedure, with an added fee of £17,50.

Apply for an eTA Canada now

Going on a trip to Canada? Then you can apply for the mandatory eTA Canada here for a total price of £19,95 Is your plane leaving today or tomorrow? Then we strongly recommend making use of the urgent procedure, for an added fee of £17,50.

Summary costs

  • Cost of the eTA: £19,95
  • Added fee urgent application: £17,50
  • Transaction costs: £0,00
  • Exchange rate surcharges: £0,00