eTA passport requirements

What are the passport requirements for an eTA Canada?

To travel to Canada with an eTA Canada, a passport is required that is valid for at least one more day after you leave Canada. Furthermore, the passport must possess a digital chip with biometric data from the owner. You can only travel to Canada with the passport that was used to apply for the eTA. The passport number is linked to the eTA during the application. If an (expired) passport is replaced with a new one, this new passport will always have a new passport number, meaning the eTA with the old passport number becomes invalid.

The link between the passport and the eTA

All eTA travel authorisations are linked to the passport that was used during the application procedure of the eTA. This concerns the passport number, which is unique for each passport. In the eTA application form you are asked for the passport number, to which the eTA is then linked. An eTA Canada is only valid if the passport that was used to apply for the eTA is still valid, and is used to travel. As soon as the passport expires, the validity of the eTA expires alongside it. The new passport needs to be used to apply for a new eTA.

Stamps in a Canadian passport

Biometric data

Additional passport requirements to apply for an eTA include the presence of a chip containing biometric data of the owner of the passport. All British passports that are currently still valid contain this required chip with biometric data.

Passport almost expired

Has your passport almost expired? If your passport expires before you expect to leave Canada again, you first need to apply for a new passport. You can then apply for your eTA when you receive a new passport. In urgent cases, you can make use of an emergency passport. Inform at the passport office for the required steps.

Does your passport meet the requirements?

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