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Can I apply for a visa or eTA at the embassy?

Travellers need a valid travel authorisation to travel to Canada. The only exception is for travellers who hold a US or Canadian passport. There are many types of Canada visa, some of which can be obtained online, but also an electronic travel authorisation. This travel authorisation, the eTA Canada, is only available online.

The Canadian Embassy does not issue visas

In addition to the High Commission of Canada located in London, Canada is represented in the UK by consulates in Edinburgh, Belfast and Wales. There is also an embassy in Dublin, Ireland. These locations ultimately help Canadians living abroad with different administrative governmental needs, such as passport renovation or other document processes. These consulates do not provide travellers with visa services. Fortunately, most tourists and business travellers do not need a visa and can simply apply for an eTA.

This is because the activities of the Embassy of Canada focus on supporting Canadians abroad and maintaining and fostering relations between Canada and Ireland and the UK. The embassy does not provide consular services to individuals who are not Canadian nationals.

eTA online application often sufficient

In most cases, European travellers can enter Canada using an eTA, which is an electronic travel authorisation that replaces the visa. Applying for an eTA does not require scheduling an appointment at the embassy. All you have to do to apply for this travel authorisation is filling in a digital application form. You must meet a number of requirements to apply for the eTA. If you do not meet all these requirements, you will still need to apply for a visa. Most visa application procedures can be done online.

If you need to apply for a different kind of visa that cannot be applied for online, you can make an appointment at a Visa Application Centre. Here you can apply for a Canada visa in person. There is a Visa Application Centre in London.

Online visa applications

1. eTA - electronic Travel Authorization

This electronic travel authorisation is easy to apply for. If you and your trip meet all the conditions of the eTA Canada, this is the easiest and cheapest option. To apply for this travel authorisation, all you need to do is fill in your personal details in an online application form. This form allows you to apply for multiple travellers at the same time, as long as you have permission from each traveller to do so and have the passport details of all travellers on hand.

In some cases, an eTA also allows you to study or participate in an exchange.

You cannot apply for an eTA Canda at a Visa Application Centre. The only way to obtain the eTA is through the aforementioned online application process. One of the advantages of this travel authorisation is that you do not need to provide a photo or scan of the passport or other documents. You need to fill in the passport details of each applicant extremely carefully. If you make a mistake in the form, the eTA will not be valid, and you will have to reapply with the correct details.

Use the simple form to apply for an eTA

2. Temporary resident visas

In the rare case that you as a European traveller cannot apply for an eTA Canada for your tourist or business trip, you will need to apply for a temporary resident visa. You may also need a visa instead of an eTA for other purposes, such as working or studying in Canada. Temporary resident visas for Canada can only be applied for through an online application form.

Applying for a Canada visa requires more information than an eTA application. In addition, visa applications require the submission of certain documents. Which documents you need to submit digitally differs per visa type. What you will need to submit in any case is a digital copy of the passport you will use for your trip to Canada.

What are temporary resident visas?

Temporary resident visas come in four varieties: a visitor visa, a study visa, a work visa and a visa intended for a combination of work and holiday. A visitor visa is intended for travellers with a tourist or business purpose and is only required if the traveller does not meet the conditions of the eTA Canada. This is because the eTA usually has the same features as any variant of the visitor visa.

3. Express Entry for permanent resident permits

Those who want to live in Canada permanently need a permanent resident permit. One way to obtain a permanent resident permit for Canada is through the Express Entry system. This system is designed for foreign workers with a specific skill or specialisation who want to immigrate to Canada. The Express Entry system consists of three programmes, each with slightly different requirements.

To qualify for Permanent Resident (PR status) through the Express Entry system, an applicant must meet strict requirements. During the online application process, you have to answer several questions and you also have to be able to provide certain documents to prove that you meet the requirements. A points system is used to assess the applicant's skills. The chances of obtaining PR status vary depending on the conditions the applicant meets.

Permanent resident permits

Apart from the Express Entry system, there are no other ways to apply for permanent resident permits online. However, there are several other ways to qualify for the PR status.

All these ways of obtaining PR status require you to go through a Visa Application Centre (VAC). There may be other authorized visa offices throughout the country besides the Visa Application Centre.

Here is a situation where it is possible to obtain PR status. Suppose you have recently completed a study in Canada while on a study permit. In some cases, it is possible to have this temporary resident permit converted into a permanent resident permit. To do so, however, you will have to make an appointment at a VAC and you will have to be able to prove, for instance, that you have achieved exceptional academic results.

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